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Before you can order any of our services, we establish an email connection with you. Please provide your email address in the field below. We will use this email as the main communication channel between you and us regarding our services.

We may give medical and nutritional advice exclusively to the person whose medical problems are discussed and whose medical documents may be uploaded for our analysis. (The only exclusion is the case of a child under the age of 16; a parent of a child may consult us about the medical situation of the child.)

International regulations (GDPR, etc.) also require us to make sure that the email address you provide belongs to you, the person with the medical issues discussed.

These are the reasons why we need your email address to be confirmed. 

For establishing a secure connection with you, we send a confirmation message to the email address you provide below, right after you submit this form.

As soon as you receive our email message, you should simply click on the confirmation link in the message. This is the way we make sure the email channel between you and us works properly and safely.

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